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From a Black Perspective: The Blood

Publisher’s Note: From a Black Perspective is the beginning manifestation of several collective dreams. Volume One, “The Blood,” features five up-and-coming authors. As a whole, the project is a gathering of entertaining, inspirational, and educated voices modeled after the collective creative literary power of the long-celebrated Harlem Renaissance.​

From a Black Perspective is a celebration of the diversity within the black literary community. It serves as an antithesis to the notion that the black community is monolithic in our interests, values, political views, and the genres in which we write but rather a people as varied as the hues of our skin. This three-part anthology affords Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC to fulfill one of its primary objectives: providing a vehicle and platform to facilitate the publication of as many diverse and otherwise underrepresented voices as possible.

Your support of this project further enables the publication of each contributing author's individual creative and publishing efforts while supporting numerous black voices. We invite you to embark with us on this three-part literary journey and encourage you to reserve space on your bookshelves for Volume Two, “The People,” highlighting more talented writers as well as more individual works from each of these published authors in 2021 and Volume Three, “The Homeland” in 2022.

Eddie S. Pierce

Founder & Publisher

Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC

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